About DaZZee IT Services

Managed Services Provider in Branson, Missouri

We get it, IT challenges are super frustrating

At DaZZee (rhymes with jazzy), we know managing your IT can be overwhelming. Technology issues always seem to strike at the worst times. Downtime is costly, and security breaches can be devastating. These challenges don’t have to hold you back.

That’s why we’re here – to be your trusted technology partner and ensure you never have to face these challenges alone.

Meet your team of IT Professionals

Shane Naugher


Dominique Maxwell

Tech. Admin

Scott Cook

Design Engineer/Senior Project Engineer

Eric Robinson

Professional Services/Projects Engineer

Ryan Rose

Tech. Admin Lead and Escalation Tech

Logan Willson

Tech. Admin

Hunter Holderfield

Professional Services Engineer

Anthony Chambers

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Vicki Hicks

Director of Coordination

Charlotte Douglas

Project Manager

Sharena Naugher

Marketing and Brand Communication

Bryan Linton

Project Engineer

Justin Hintz

Business Development Specialist

Andrea Lawson

Accounting and Billing

Rusty Bartee

Centralized Services

Jacqueline Perry

Proactive Services Engineer

Trey Wilkins

Technical Intern