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The 3 Things In Technology Your Business Needs Embrace for 2018

2018 is here, and like it or not it’s not slowing down for anyone. This is the time of year everyone enjoys having a clean slate and being able to set some great goals and expectations for their business or organization to shoot for the remainder of the year. We thought we would offer up […]

Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Help Desk?

For quite a few organizations one of the biggest frustrations is the management of their IT and technology.  For businesses under 100 employees, it rarely makes sense to have a full time IT person dedicated to just maintaining the technology.  Most of the time, there are individuals that wear multiple hats including social media, marketing, […]

Why So Many Business Owners and Managers Bury Their Head In The Sand On Security

Recently we had a client of ours get upset with our answer to a simple question.  While the question was simple, the answer was not so simple.  The client wanted to let a potential new vendor get access to their server to be able to analyze their current data in preparation for what they would […]

Ransomware Is Ratcheting It Up A Notch

Ransomware is ratcheting things up a notch in the latest wave of attacks in the past few weeks.  You have probably heard of the the common forms of ransomware at this point that infects your local computer, locks your files and demands you pay a ransom to get your files unlocked.  But the changes that […]