FBI and CISA Warn Of New Cyber Attacks Coming

We all are watching in shock and disgust at the atrocities being committed in Ukraine. Our thoughts, prayers and hopefully soon to be delivered tactical support are with each and every one of the citizens of Ukraine.

In conjunction with the physical attack and invasion launched by Russia directly against the Ukraine people, the FBI, CISA and NSA issued a joint advisory in January and again in late February warning of pending potential for cybersecurity attacks originating from Russia.

It has been clearly documented that cybersecurity attacks were a part of the invasion of Ukraine and is still ongoing.

As the world watches and NATO and individual countries react and respond, it is well within reason to expect cyber attacks to expand in number and in reach.

Top 3 Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Organization Against Potential Cybersecurity Attacks.

  1. Don’t ASSUME! We talk with multiple prospective clients on a weekly basis and we almost always get the answer – We assume our IT guy/company is protecting us from cybersecurity threats. Ask for regular reports and documents on what is being done to analyze and mitigate threats.
  2. A firewall and anti-virus software are not sufficient any longer. Most organizations think that is all they need unfortunately. Today’s threats are leveraging functions of the operating system that can’t be blocked and are completely missed by anti-virus software and firewall protections. You need to leverage more advanced cybersecurity protection tools such as threat-hunting, and Zero-Trust infrastructure.
  3. Monitoring and mitigating cybersecurity threats is no longer optional nor is it an “every now and then activity”. Threats are being presented against your organization on an hourly basis. There is a saying in the cybersecurity world that you have to be right 100% of the time to properly protect your organization, the bad guys only have to be right once! Every organization needs to have dedicated time, dedicated process, and dedicated personnel or partners to help mitigate the onslaught of threats.

If you are not sure where your organization stands on cybersecurity – request a free assessment and get tangible documentation of your risks and liabilities to use with your existing IT Department or Provider.