Episode  17 – Ransomware Is Increasing


Episode  16 – Surveillance Cameras – How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Episode  15 – End-User Security Awareness Training 

Notes and Resources


Why You Need To Implement Security Awareness Training

Episode  14 – How Technology Affects a Healthy Lifestyle and Exercise

Notes and Resources

DC Rainmaker

Episode  12 – A Guide To Phone Systems


Episode  11 – WiFi – Are You Unknowingly Taking Risks?

Episode  10 – Telephone and Data Circuits – How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Episode  9 – Microsoft Office 365 – It’s More Than Just Email and Word – Tons of Cool Applications!

 Notes and Resources

Episode 7 – Millennial Engagement in the Workplace 

Episode 6 – Bitcoin and Blockchain – What Do You Need To Be Planning For?


Notes and Resources

Bitcoin For Businesses

How To Accept Bitcoin For Your Business

The Potential For Blockchain in Business


 Episode 5 – GDPR – Are You Subject To The Regulations?


Notes and Resources

GDPR Simplified


Episode 3 – Cloud Technologies and Why You Should Care

Notes and Resources

Acceptable Use Policy Templates


Episode 2 – Security – Why you should care and what you should be aware of


Notes and Resources

Acceptable Use Policy Templates


Inaugural Episode 1 – Why this podcast, 2 types of organizations, metrics, budget

Notes and Resources

Budget and Planning Worksheet

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