Want Better Business Results In 2017?

We are half-way through the first quarter of 2017.  Do you want better business results in 2017?  If so what are you changing?  Simply put, if you want different and better results, something has to change.

We talk with a lot of business owners on a monthly basis and almost every one of them has some type of challenge around technology in the operations of their business.  Yet very few of them actually have a plan to change or move that lever.  How can they expect different results without changing at least some aspect in their IT operations?  In almost every conversation we have about technology and IT operations, we ask the question – Do you budget for technology and if so what is that based on?  Only a small percentage have a solid answer to that question.  In fact, the majority of the small businesses we meet with say they view technology as purely an expense.  What if they were to change and view technology as an enabler for their business growth?  Want examples of how others are doing that – http://www.smartdatacollective.com/jonathanbuckley/311111/how-gain-competitive-advantage-big-data

Here’s a question for you …… How do you know how much to budget for IT?  How much is the right amount to budget for technical help in IT?  If your answers to those questions were – We just look at what we have spent in previous years.  I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth!  The fact of the matter is that you cannot base what you should be paying off of what you have been paying UNLESS you are getting the results you want!  The bottom line is this;  If you want and/or need better results when it comes to your organization’s IT, you have to change how your view IT expenses as a whole.

Here are a 3 action items to change your perspective around IT and ultimately get better business results;

  1. Make a list of the items you, and more importantly the rest of your staff wish worked better when it comes to technology for your business.  Then prioritize that list based on what your top 3 overall organizational goals are.
  2. Next make notes on what you are currently doing to enable those results.  If you are not doing anything to achieve those results, what would it take?  Is it hiring new or additional talent to help?  Is it budgeting additional or new infrastructure or technologies? Is it simply adding more process and structure to your existing staff and infrastructure?
  3. If the changes involve hiring additional help or outsourcing, or if it involves purchasing new equipment or hardware, make sure you utilize a trusted technology partner to help guide you along the process.  A trusted partner should first understand what your business is looking to accomplish and not just what they can sell you.


If you want better business results, you need to have an action plan to improve and milestones in which to measure against.  Technology doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to tackle it with the same business acumen you would any of the other aspect of your business.  Remember, positive change only occurs when it is intentional and you can’t expect to get better results if your action plan and the related budget is based off of what you have been doing and paying.